Welcome to Anonymous UK
This is Anonymous UK. For info on Operations and events please check the Forum.
We also provide links to all the important Downloads u will need to protect yourself online.

We are currently using various IRC networks, their is a full list of IRC networks within the Operations and Events forum. Link
The webchat link above will direct you to our IRC, and open a new window within the site, using TOR or a VPN is advised.

We are not affiliated and do not support the Facebook group, it is Canc3r. If you choose to use a spying tool like facebook well thats your choice.
We are affiliated to #OpBritain and welcome all members of the #OpBritain collective.

Also check out our Radio show nightly Link also we have a player on here under AnonRadio Link.

Anonymous UK are not responsible for your security. We are happy to help and will answer any questions. But it is up to u to take the advice we give or search for yourselves.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.

R.I.P. To our fallen Brother Anongay, many of you never spoke to him but held the idea of Anonymous and he created the video below, a video watched by thousands.
Anongay u will never be forgot.


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