Welcome to Anonymous UK
Welcome to the Anonymous UK website.
This website is here to provide information, help and to allow u to connect with other Anons throughout the UK and globally. In order to use the chatbox u will need to register, we recommend u register with a nick and a email account different to the one u use in your non-Anon life.

Webchat and IRC
You can access the IRC with the webchat link above or by using a chat client, all IP's are encrypted and purged each nite but we would still recommend using a vpn or TOR. The IRC is a great place to chat and discuss with other Anons globally.

The AnonUK Blog.
We have also got a AnonUK blog page which gives info on how to organise direct action protests both online and offline, security tips and generally rants. Anyone can contribute to this just let me (schism) know by pm. Link

The AnonUK Basement
The basement is a imageboard exactly like 4chan and is completely Anonymous. IP addresses are encrypted in the server and purged every nite. The Basement is open to whatever u like so go check it out. Link

Our live radio show going out every evening at 9pm and most weekdays. A blend of music, interviews, rants and faggotry, worth checking out for any up to date info with whats happening with Anonymous in the UK and around the world. Link

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.

R.I.P. To our fallen Brother Anongay, many of you never spoke to him but held the idea of Anonymous and he created the video below, a video watched by thousands.
Anongay u will never be forgot.


Should we create a new blog site with a connected image board and chatbox for use if this site ever goes down or as an alternative

Yes. (please comment).

No. (Please comment)


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